what to know about zoysia sod
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What to know about zoysia sod, a Florida super grass

Zoysia grass is well loved in Florida for its ability to handle drought, heat, and heavy foot traffic. It delivers a beautiful lawn with little maintenance from you. Read on to learn more about Zoysia and see if its the right variety for you and your lawn care goals.

Fast Facts about Zoysia

  • Heat and drought tolerant
  • Low watering sod variety
  • Can withstand high traffic areas
  • Weed and insect resistant grass variety

Installing Zoysia sod

While Zoysia can be installed in many different ways, sod is the most recommended method. Zoysia seedlings can take a very long time to establish and requires full sun and strict weeding. Sod is a fast way to establishing a beautiful, healthy lawn that will stay that way for years to come.

When choosing your sod, check how much sun your yard is getting. Zoysia does best in full sun. If you’re dealing with a shady area, you may consider using Bitter Blue St. Augustine Zoysia does well with over 6 hours of direct sun a day.

To prepare your area for zoysia, remove any debris and existing grass. Use a tiller to loosen the soil and rake it to create a more level area.

Zoysia can be laid when the temperature stays above 55 degrees Fahrenheit, which is most of the year in south west Florida. When it’s time to lay the sod, roll each piece in a brick pattern, making sure to not have any gaps or overlapping areas at the edges.

Right after laying your sod, water it thoroughly. This will help make sure the soil contacts with the sod.

Watering Zoysia grass

Zoysia is drought tolerant, but will begin to yellow if it’s not watered enough. We recommend one inch of water a week. If your area gets more rainfall in a week, you won’t need to apply additional irrigation.

The first six weeks after laying zoysia are critical to its health and appearance. In the first week of installation, we recommend watering enough to get down into the roots and soil. One to six watering sessions a day should help set you up for optimal growth, more or less depending on the amount of rainfall and sun you’re getting. These don’t have to be very long sessions. The main goal in these first few weeks, is for your sod to remain damp and moist during the day.

Mowing Zoysia

Many people are afraid to mow zoysia at the beginning. We recommend waiting until week 2 to mow for the first time. This will help prevent damaging your new lawn. The grass may be longer than you normally like, be patient because this will help set your root system up for growth in the years to come.

For your first mow, try to keep the blades longer than you normally would. We recommend having your blades to the maximum height to prevent cutting up your sod. Continue mowing at higher lengths the first season.

Once the first season is over, you can care for your sod as normal. In the summer months you can mow once a week to a height of 1 1/2 to 3 inches. You want to avoid cutting more than 1/3 of the leaf height.


Zoysia is a warm season grass of choice for many home and work sites. It’s an incredible choice for drought resistant, high sun, and low maintenance lawns and sites. We are dedicated to producing the best sod possible to help you grow and enjoy a beautiful lawn. Check out Zoysia, or other sod varieties with our Sod Wizard to begin building your new lawn.