6 steps to laying sod
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6 easy steps to laying beautiful sod in southwest Florida

When it comes to getting a healthy lawn, nothing beats sod grass rolls. Follow these 6 steps to a DIY sod installation and correctly lay out a beautiful carpet of green.

1. Decide a sod variety

1. Decide a variety

Here at Smart Sod, we sell 5 varieties of sod specifically best for the Florida weather including Bahia, St. Augustine, Bitter Blue, Zoysia, and Bermuda.

2. Measure your yard for sod

2. Measure your yard

Measure the length and width of your lawn in feet. Make note of both numbers. Smart Sod have made selecting and ordering sod easy with our Smart Sod Wizard. Check out this video on how you can properly measure your yard.

3. Order your sod online

3. Order Sod

Call or Text our Smart Sod Customer Care Team (816) 852-3862 or visit smart-sod.com to begin your order for delivery.

4. Prepare your yard for sod

4. Prepare the soil

Gather your tools from ACE Hardware Tarpon Springs or Ace Hardware Dunedin and remove the existing lawn.

5. Lay your sod

5. Lay sod

Plan on laying your sod within a day of your sod delivery and place the pieces together as tightly as possible to ensure optimal growth.

6. Water your sod

6. Water

Water is needed to maintain optimal roots and to keep your grass from drying out.