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Grass drainage solutions for before and after hurricane rain

In this article, we are discussing some grass drainage solutions you can follow to prepare and prevent heavy rain from pooling in your yard.

If you have standing water in your yard, you may be eager to dry it out so you aren’t constantly dragging mud and dirt into the home.

Preparing your Yard for Heavy Rain

Before a storm rolls in you can take some precautions to help prevent water from pooling in the grass. Take these preventative measures to ensure your yard dries quickly after the storm and prepare your grass for rain.

Don’t Mow

Longer grass can help you avoid flooding by being able to hold a lot more water.

Remove Debris

Debris like branches, garbage, and leaves can cause drainage issues and prevent the water from drying after the storm has passed.

Clean your Gutters

Dead leaves, dust and debris can prevent rain from flowing out and away from your yard. This would be an excellent time to clean them out to direct water away and protect your landscaping and grass.

Grass Drainage Solutions for after Heavy Rain

If you’ve experience a lot of rain recently, you may notice your lawn has puddles and water that will not drain. A lawn experiencing drainage issues is susceptible to fungal disease, not to mention may cause mud and dirt to drag into your home.

Here’s a list of a few things you can do to get standing water off your lawn and solve water drainage issues.

Remove Debris

Rake away the leaves and branches that may have blown into your yard to help your lawn dry out.

Check your Irrigation System

Landscaping like trees and bushes that may have been uprooted can affect your in ground irrigation. Check your sprinkler heads and lines for any signs of a leak. You may consider turning the irrigation system off as your lawn is drying out.


Aerating your lawn can help improve permeability, allowing water to be absorbed.

If your lawn drainage issues are not able to be treated with the above tricks, it may be time to renovate your yard. If you need help with your grass, you may consider installing sod that can help rain drain correctly. If you have questions on how sod can help your water drainage issues, call or text our customer care team at (816) 852-3862.

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