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Lawn care tips to Maintain a Healthy Lawn in Fall

Fall is the perfect time to start thinking about lawn care. While lawn mowing can be a hassle in the summer, it’s especially important to mow your lawn in fall to keep it healthy and weed free. Learn essential lawn care tips for fall that will help make this process easier for you, whether you’re working on existing lawn or new sod!

Mowing lawn in fall

Before you start mowing your lawn or new sod, make sure to take into account the following tips:

  • Fertilize your lawn in the fall to help it grow and prevent weeds from growing.
  • Aerate the soil to help everything breath, kill any insects, and improve drainage.
  • Use caution when driving over freshly cut grass – wet roads can cause damage down the line!
  • Fall is also a great time to use fertilizer or grass seed to your lawn as annuals will be dormant by then and won’t affect your turf’s growth rate.

Keep leaves and debris off the surface of new sod or grass

It’s important to keep lawn debris off the surface of the turfgrass in order to maintain a healthy appearance. This can be done by moving lawn equipment around so that leaves and debris are not cut through, using a leaf blower to clean up large leaves or debris, or raking. Be sure to wear protective gear when doing so!

Weed control in fall lawn care tips

Lawn care during fall is crucial for healthy lawns. One of the most important tasks is weed control. Start by inspecting your lawn for any issues, such as dried out or damaged plants. Take corrective action as necessary. Mowing heights should be kept at 2-3 inches throughout the season to minimize compaction and encourage root growth. Finally, apply a pre-emergent herbicide to kill weed seeds early, before they have a chance to germinate.

Choose the right grass type

Choosing the right lawn type is essential for your home’s appearance and health. There are a few things to consider before making a purchase, such as the grass’s intended use, care requirements, shade, and watering schedule. Check out our top 5 best sod varieties in Florida to help you choose the best sod for your home or work site. Once you have selected the right grass type for your yard, be sure to follow all of the necessary care instructions to maintain fresh sod!

Prevention tips for lawn fungus in fall

The lawn in fall is a vulnerable time for lawn fungus. Fungus can be detrimental to new sod or established lawns alike. To prevent the problem, mow your lawn regularly, avoid over watering, and get rid of any weeds that might be growing. If you have any hedges, shrubs, or trees, make sure they’re pruned so they don’t provide shade and airflow to the lawn. Additionally, make sure your lawn is kept moist but not soggy. Finally, make sure to treat lawn fungus in fall by using a lawn fungicide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top lawn care mistakes that homeowners make?

The top five lawn care mistakes that homeowners make are not watering enough, mowing schedules when grass is wet, fertilizing too much, over- grooming the lawn, and not aerating the soil.

What are some lawn care tips for preventing weeds from growing in my grass or new sod?

Some tips for preventing lawn weeds from growing in fall include watering the lawn regularly and deeply, using a weed preventer, and mowing the lawn with a blade that cuts horizontally.

What are some other lawn care tips for taking care of my lawn?

When it comes to taking care of your lawn in fall, watering established grass less and fertilizing it more are the best tips you can follow. Follow our tips on how to water fresh sod if you’re working on a new lawn. Additionally, setting your mower at a lower height will help to thin out the grass so that it will be less likely to overgrow and become sick. Finally, clean up any leaves or debris that falls on your turf as this will also help improve soil health and water retention.


Fall is the perfect time to perform simple maintenance on your lawn and control weed growth. Follow these tips to ensure a healthy new lawn in fall and all year.

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