everything you need to know about st augustine floratam in florida
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Everything you need to know about St Augustine Floratam sod in Florida

When you picture a perfect lawn, St. Augustine sod may be what you envision. St Augustine/Floratam has been a popular sod choice for Florida homes and work sites for years. This dense and easy to maintain grass variety is perfect for new homeowners or experienced lawn professionals alike. Read on to learn more about this versatile grass.

Fast Facts about St. Augustine floratam sod

  • Can handle drought conditions
  • Produces stolons
  • Highly tolerant of high temperatures and full sun
  • Keeps its color at lower temperatures
  • Grows thick and does a good job crowding out weeds
  • Can tolerate a wide range of pH levels

Installing St. Augustine/floratam

Planting sod gives you an instant lawn. If you want to set your yard or work site up for optimal growth for years to come, it’s important to follow some tips to prepare and install your new sod. Refer to this post to learn our process and tips for installing sod in Florida.

Mowing St. Augustine floratam sod

Cutting your grass to the correct height is one of the most important things you can do to have a healthy lawn. Cutting too low can cut off nutrient supply, while mowing it when it’s too high puts you at risk of mowing down the stems. When mowing St. Augustine, you should try to keep your height around 2-3 inches.


Watering new St. Augustine sod in the early stages will help set your yard up for a healthy, weed free environment for years to come. It’s vital that your new St. Augustine floratam is watered thoroughly in the early stages. In the first day, you should ensure the soil has about 3 inches of moist soil.

After installation, you should water or irrigate in the mornings and late afternoons for the next 9 days. Take rainfall into consideration and water more or less depending on how much rain you’ve received. It’s important at this stage to avoid standing water and to keep the soil moist, not dry or saturated.

Once your lawn is established, you can decrease your watering schedule to 2-3 times a week. Take into consideration rainfall, and water more or less depending on the weather, and consider watering more if your grass is showing signs of weakness.


At Smart Sod we carry 5 varieties of sod including St Augustine/Floratam. We have fresh St. Augustine Floratam on our fields ready for harvesting and delivery in the south west Florida area. For more information about St. Augustine Floratam and the other types of sod we provide as well as sod tips and tricks subscribe to our YouTube channel.