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The Best Place to Buy Bahia Sod

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your yard, or buy bahia sod for a work project, bahia is a great choice for people in Florida. This drought-tolerant grass is available for delivery straight to your work site or a sod retailer near you. It’s easy to install and requires little maintenance once it’s in the ground.

In this blog, we’ll go over all you need to know about bahia sod, from what it is and its benefits to how to buy bahia sod online from Bahia. Let’s get into it!

Why should you buy bahia sod?

Bahia grass is a drought-tolerant grass that is easy to maintain. Bahia grass can be grown in a variety of climates, such as areas along the Gulf of Mexico, like Port Charlotte and Fort Myers. Bahia grass grows thickly, making it a great lawn grass for covering large areas. Due to its drought-resistance, bahia grass can tolerate frequent watering and is an ideal choice for sunny locations. 

Bahia grass also has a dense texture and is perfect for creating lawns or pasture. This grass is known for its low-maintenance nature and ability to provide year-round coverage without the need for mowing or trimming. Bahia grass also resists weeds, insects, and diseases better than other grass varieties, making it a reliable choice for homeowners looking to create vibrant lawns without much effort.

Benefits of Bahia Sod

Bahia sod is a grass that thrives in areas with hot and humid climates. It has been widely used in the US and around the world in landscaping and grassing residential, commercial, and public spaces. Bahia has several benefits that make it a popular choice. First, bahia is drought-tolerant and can thrive in areas with full sun or partial shade. This makes bahia an ideal grass for areas with poor soil or drought conditions, like highways.

Additionally, bahia sod requires little fertilization and minimal maintenance to stay healthy and green. This makes it a convenient grass to use in outdoor spaces where space or resources are limited. Overall, bahia sod is a versatile grass that can help to improve the look and feel of any outdoor space. Learn more about three uses for bahia sod.


How To Buy Bahia Sod For Delivery To Your Work Site

At Smart Sod, you can buy bahia sod online for delivery to retail stores in southwest Florida. You can use our Sod Wizard tool to determine how much bahia to buy based on the size of your lawn.  The Sod Wizard provides estimates for how many pallets it takes to cover a your area. This will help you estimate how much to order.

At Smart Sod, we have sod retailers all over the region where you can have your sod delivered, like Dunedin or St. Petersburg. When picking up your sod, make sure to purchase tools to ensure proper placement and maintain your new grass lawn. Check out our detailed instructions on sod laying tools to see what you’ll need to install.

Measure your space for new sod

Calculating the area that needs to be covered before ordering sod is the first step to buy sod online. To ensure you get the right dimensions, follow our tips on how to measure your yard and space. Once you’ve measured your work site or home, it’s time to order. You can choose from a variety of grass types and textures to meet your needs and desires.

Whether you’re replacing worn-out lawn or adding an area for a new play or exercise, Bahia Sod is a cost-effective and lasting solution. It can add beauty and charm to any outdoor space while offering a comfortable and sustainable alternative to natural grass.

Buy Bahia with our Free Online Sod Wizard Tool

If you’re looking to order bahia sod for commercial projects or your home, our Sod Wizard tool can simplify the process. You can use it to determine how many pallets of sod to buy based on your project requirements. After going through the Sod Wizard, you’ll be able to checkout and select a retail location near you for delivery. Our checkout is easy and secure, so you can make your order with confidence. With our online tool, ordering sod for your project has never been easier!


When it comes to landscaping, you want to make sure that your yard looks beautiful and well maintained. To do this, you will have to find the best grass for your needs. Bahia grass is certainly one of the best grasses. It is drought-resistant and requires low maintenance. Besides, it is tough and durable and does not require frequent repairs or replacements. You can order bahia sod online through our website and get it delivered to a retailer near you!