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Which sod is better bahia vs zoysia grass

If you’re freshening up your lawn in Tarpon Springs or other areas in south florida, you may be considering bahia vs zoysia grass. These two grass varieties are excellent choices for the warm weather and we offer 5 varieties grown here in Arcadia Florida that flourish in the heat and humidity.

Zoysia and bahia are both excellent varieties that thrive in our climate. Read on for a deep dive into these two popular grasses and see which sod is best for your lawn or work site.

bahia vs zoysia grass comparison

Bahia grass

If low maintenance grass is your goal, bahiagrass is an excellent choice. Bahia is popular among landscapers and home owners alike thanks to its high ability to handle droughts and heat.

pros and cons of bahia grass, bahia vs zoysia grass

Pros of bahia sod

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy planting
  • Light green color
  • Fewer insects
  • Drought tolerance

Cons of bahia sod

  • Doesn’t tolerate shade well
  • Doesn’t grow well in high pH
  • Can have an uneven appearance
  • Some people don’t care for the light green color

Zoysia grass

Zoysiagrass, or zoysia grass, is well loved in areas like Dunedin, Fort Meade, and other areas of south west Florida for its ability to withstand head and droughts. When taken care of, zoysia can give your lawn or work site a lush grass that is the envy of the neighborhood.

zoysia grass pros and cons, bahia vs zoysia grass

Pros of Zoysia sod

  • Zoysia is a full sun grass that thrives in the sun and browns in the shade
  • Light green color is popular for many home owners and landscapers
  • Low maintenance, doesn’t require regular nitrogen and fertilizer
  • Zoysia can handle high temperatures and droughts well

Cons of Zoysia sod

  • Zoysiagrass can turn a golden tan in the colder winters
  • It can be slower to establish and spread
  • Not easy to plant as seeds, sod is the fastest means of growth
  • Because it’s so dense it can dull mower blades

Bahia vs zoysia grass: which should you choose?

Both Bahia and zoysia are excellent Florida sod varieties for your home or landscaping project. Which you choose will depend on the environment, wear and tear it will take, and maintenance needs. Both do well in heat and humidity while being able to handle droughts. both grow a bit slower, which can be a good thing if you don’t want to mow frequently. Bahia is well loved for its ability to handle very high foot traffic, however zoysia can handle high traffic as well.

Bahia vs Zoysia Grass | Conclusion

Bahia and zoysia grass are both warm season grasses that thrive. Which you choose will depend on your work site or home environment, the color you wish for, and the amount of time you have to dedicate to your landscaping.

Whether you live in LaBelle, Dunedin, Fort Myers, or Odessa, call us at (816) 852-3862 to learn more about the sod varieties we offer at Smart Sod.